The Digital Makeover - Four-part video series

Supporting and empowering small businesses to thrive with Meta business solutions

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My role
  • Experience design lead

Collaboration with:
  • Natasha Chetiyawardana: Team lead

  • Mel Henson: Copy Writter

  • Srija Chatterjee: Strategy

  • Stuart Gilmour: Brand/Creative

  • Carmeron Worth: Packaging


Project Summary

Small businesses may play a vital role in creating new jobs and keeping local communities afloat, but not every small business owner is equipped with the marketing know-how or the digital tools and expertise to reach their full potential. 

That’s why The Drum and Meta (Facebook) have teamed up to launch ‘The Digital Makeover’, a four-part docuseries in which we recruit some of the best marketing brains in the business to come together and help devise innovative strategies that will kick start the digital transformation of two small businesses.

Challenge: Pandemic impacted business

Without farmers' markets and Country Living shows the distribution of the products was limited, sales plateaued.Early into the pandemic, they saw a short uptick in sales because people were in a panic to buy soap and local markets were completely out of stock. So, they turned to Caurnie.

  • Rethink digital go-to-market brand strategy, messaging and positioning.
  • Brand identity
  • Website refresh - Copy & Design
  • Improve marketing and communications plan
    Social media pages
  • Meta eCommerce- place to sell products online that can assist with distribution
Live on The Drum

Project type

Digital busienss transformation

Project date

June-Dec 2021

Target audience:
  • Attendees of farmers' markets, country living and flower shows

  • Vegans

  • Those who favour organic

  • 1st - Geographically, UK residents

  • 2nd - Globally via eCommerce

Goals and objectives:
  • Creating and maintaining a platform to sell products online

  • Increased ROI, resulting from eCommerce and a stronger online presence

  • Distribution to other countries, such as the U.S.

  • Spreading awareness of Caurnie with a wholesome marketing strategy

My process

Uncertainty to impact

Noise / Uncertainty / Patterns / Insights

Clarity / Focus

Shayne Cuffy process from noise to clarity scwiggle

Research & Synthesis

Concept / Prototype




Episode 1:

A fresh start

In episode 1, The Drum’s co-founder and editor-in-chief, Gordon Young, introduces us to the two small businesses owners he'll be helping across the series – Jim Little of the Caurnie Soaperie and Alice Liu of Grand Tea and Imports. 

Episode 2:

Meet the teams

Episode 2 sees Jim and Alice introduced to their respective digital transformation team leaders, who look to understand the challenges our two small businesses owners face and identify key areas in which they need help to improve.  

Episode 3:

The big reveal

It's crunch time for our two teams as they reveal the digital transformation strategies that they believe will help to bring both businesses into the 21st Century. We also hear from team members on both sides of the Atlantic who explain the creative process behind each team's decisions.

Episode 4:

Looking to the future

In our fourth and final episode, The Drum's co-founder and editor-in-chief, Gordon Young, brings the key players involved in the project back together to reflect on the journey so far and to find out what the future holds for both businesses.

Quote, "I am 58 years old. I was diagnosed with TSM at the same time as breast cancer was diagnosed 5 and a half years ago."Quote “Having a suppressed immune system, I would not feel safe working in an office and commuting given the current state of the pandemic.”
Moment of truth

Stories begin to flood in

Collated stories and use these to identify the theme and story-flow for the campaign

107 stories submitted - March 2022 update

digital transformation:

Key digital transformation takeaways for small businesses

Understand the biz

Top tips about how small businesses can look to improve their digital presence and performance – providing lasting, tangible advice for anyone looking to take their business to the next level.




73.6% more monthly visitors to the ABC Global Alliance website


90% of submissted stories publised at launch with more coming in


Sign ups to the ABC commitment to be the change grow by 80% durning launch


Stay true to yourself, your company, and your brand: consumers know when a brand is being authentic

  • Ensure your value proposition communicates your unique selling point

  • Focus on making one improvement at a time – iterate and test!

  • Stay consistent with your branding, while keeping digital-first design in mind


Be consistent with your messaging and branding, so consumers will better understand your brand, your values, and purpose

  • Use consistent messaging across your products, website, and social accounts

  • Create content that will resonate with your audience – this will help improve your SEO

  • Treat your products as story-telling elements for your business

  • High-quality product photography can boost your e-commerce success


Leverage social media platforms and channels - so consumers know where to engage and interact with your brand

  • Implement a connected customer experience to improve brand engagement

  • Use social media platforms to build an engaged customer community

  • Make the most out of digital advertising tools (e.g. Instagram ads) and e-commerce tools (e.g. Facebook Shops)

  • Even small amounts of PR can get you in front of new customers

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